Big day.  Things kicked off bright and early in Aldgate where we met up with the band and set out across London.  A winding promenade through Brick Lane, Spitalfields and Shoreditch wound up in a Moroccan restaurant just off some incredible graffiti on Sclater Street.  Here we met up with Javier, a Venezuelan collage/print artist working in the Whitechapel area.

First major obstacle update: Robert from the band isn’t well.  He was forced into a sharp return to the hotel due to ill health – Andy blamed the previous night’s barbecue but whatever the cause we wish him a speedy recovery and hope he’ll be back in play tomorrow.

Back at the restaurant, Javier led us towards his studio space and we discussed his process, his journey and began to understand his network within London.  He shuffled us off towards the James Taylor gallery and we came across some incredible installation work in a condemned Hackney mill.  Al Wildblood, an exhibitor and founding member of Supine Studios walked us through the art on show and introduced us to his fellow artists working in Hackney.

A bit later, we cracked on into town and haranged a few curators, exhbitors and artists finishing up at the former Sierra Leone Embassy where we cornered some of the hoi polloi of the contemporary art scene in London.

On a personal note I felt much more on my game today.  Our piece is beginning to take shape moving between the different strata of the London art scene and as we move towards the venue I imagine the focus will shift towards the band and their experience so far.

The group are beginning to gel together, we’ve reached a bit of a comfort zone and thanks to a brilliant South Indian eatery in Marylebone we’re all extremely well fed.  Now I’m going to rewind and label some tapes, charge some batteries and pack for our biggest day yet.

I’ll try and pop on more photos before I hit the sack.