72 Hours /
4 Art-Rockers /
4 Central Station members /
3 Sleepless Nights /
1 Knackered Old Transit Van /
Too many parties to mention…

These were the ingredients for Art/Roc/Doc, a fly on the wall documentary that followed Glasgow band Isosceles on an adrenaline-fuelled road trip to uncover the London art scene during Frieze Art Fair 2009.

Along the way Isosceles headlined PLUS, 72 hours of non-stop artists, exhibits and music, featuring Douglas Gordon, Matt Collishaw, Sarah Lucas, Gavin Turk and Sam Hasler.

Members Tom Ducan and Dasha jumped on board to film ad photograph the event, designer Ruth Parker was set with the task of creating a cardboard caravan and together they created a whirlwind short film which premiered at The Glasgow Film Festival 2010.

“…Things got crazy… The event was packed, incredible exhibits abounded  with work from the likes of Tracy Emin and Damien Hirst on show as well as performance artists in-situ, a fashion show, burlesque and the bands.”

“We had a plethora of interviewees and after our diligent producers snagged bit-name artist Gavin Turk we were more than satisfied with the content…”
/ Tom Duncan

“The film managed to capture not only the beautiful journey between Glasgow and London, but between visual art, music and film. Art/Roc/Doc is testament to the potential of the creative sectors working together.”
Patricial Fleming (curator, Volume/PLUS)


See the final film here
See Dasha’s pictorial here

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