First things first – apologies for a lack of a blog on the last couple of days. We didn’t finished on Friday til 2:30am after which I zonked and had no internet access on the trip back north…until now.

So to rewind a little bit, Friday was a big day for the shoot.  Of course the band were performing in the evening and the Central Stn team were putting together our stall at the venue but we also had to cram in a private tour of a new opening.  It had come up last minute and was an interesting insight into how some people have an incredible knack for sourcing space and resources to pursue their creativity.

We also hit the ZOO art festival and Jack, Isosceles’ lead singer, bumped into a few familiar faces and did some great interviews amidst the more commercial side of London’s contemporary art scene.

We had planned to reach the venue quite early to give us some time out and a solid soundcheck.  The van had other ideas.  A clapped-out battery prompted numerous attempted push-starts but it was no good and the AA were called.  I left the band to try and catch the build up at the venue.

By this time, we’d been going pretty flat out and with sporadic meal times and LOTS of walking, energy levels took a big hit.  My mood definitely dipped prior to the event at Volume and I took a bit of time out to grab fish and chips in preparation for a long night ahead…

It was just as well I did because things got crazy.  The event was packed, incredible exhibits abounded with work from the likes of Tracy Emin and Damien Hirst on show as well as performance artists in-situ, a fashion show, burlesque and the bands.

Speaking of bands – Isosceles were nothing short of sensational.  They lifted everyone’s energy with a stonking set which made me feel pretty damn lucky to have spent so much time in their company over the past few days.  Their quirky danceable pop-rock had everyone talking and this worked brilliantly for me as I began the interviews at the Central Stn booth.

The booth was outrageous!  Ruth, Shantha, Rennie and Fernando worked flat out and down to the wire producing a courageous cardboard contraption which merged with the pavement and welcomed guests into a home away from home.  We had a plethora of interviewees and after our diligent producers snagged big-name artist Gavin Turk we were more than satisfied with the content.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blogs so far and again, apologies for not updating you all sooner.  I’m now back up home in Moray and will be in contact with the Central Stn team regarding logging/editing the piece so you can all see what we got up to.

If you’ve got any questions and comments etc – please stick them up and I’ll do my best to respond with another post in a day or so once I’ve had a chance to breathe!

Thanks to all the crew, the band and the people of London for an incredible week.


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