Hello all. Greetings from inside the cutting room.

17 days to go until the CCA presses play. Scary.

I have advanced quite a bit since we last spoke and I am now sitting with an almost full timeline begging me to hurry up and finish. In the next week or so, the audio is going away for a mix, we’ve got graphics coming in and might even get some nice folk to do a colour grade too! So this really is the epitome of what Central Station is about, bringing everyone together for one big creative hug! (did i just write that?)

Some interesting footage amongst the ten tapes. From weird art installations (pyramid made out of soil) to people talking about endangered bats, to taking photos in a makeshift bath/shower and asking box office staff out for a dance Art/Roc/Doc is shaping up to be a certified chin scratcher.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with Paul Welsh from DigiCult to fine tune some more sequences… We’re going to work on editing some new bits to music and probably drink lots of tea.I think we have this Sunday pencilled in to tie up the loose ends and lets hope we have an almost-finished-but-lets-export-it-anyway export.

Remember, Sunday 21st February at 17:00hrs inside the CCA.

Have a look at my little portable studio: