So at 12:43 today I got a curious email from Paul at Central Stn asking for my phone number.  10 hours later and I’ve travelled the 150 miles to Glasgow, dropped in by the office, met the producers, met the band and 10 hours from now I’ll be shooting the ART/ROC/DOC project for Central Stn.

Tomorrow morning we have a swift development and scheduling meeting then jump in a van bound for London.  Dasha, the photographer, will come on board just before we leave and then it’s anything goes…

If you’re asking yourselves exactly why I got to do this then join the club.  Perhaps it’s because I’m an aspiring filmmaker facing many of the same challenges an aspiring band or indeed contemporary artist may face.  Perhaps it’s because I ripped the piss out of Michael Bay in my application and the progressive types at Central Stn liked that a lot.  Either way I’m gonna give it my best shot and if I do make a horrendous mess of it at least it will be gloriously transparent as I blog/vlog/flicker my may from Glasgow to London.

From what I gather, my role as director/shooter, as with most of the production, will be pretty organic and improvisational.  I’m going to do my best to keep up with the band, root around the key themes and issues which arise and document as much of our experience as possible – in as engaging a way as possible.

Mostly I’ll be going with the flow, updating you all on what’s happening and getting stuck in when the bouncers try to keep me out of the cool parties.

If there’s anything anyone wants to ask the band, suggestions for where to go, tips for maintaining my sanity – get in touch via the blog on Central Station or follow my tweets @ . And if you’re my parents wondering why I wasn’t at the house when you got home from work, then you should probably ring me.