Thoughts on ‘Composer Wanted’.

The frenetic finish in the Savalas studio last Friday left me feeling like Wily Coyote falling through the air before hitting the ground in Edinburgh this Sunday Night.

Thanks to everyone for working so hard. Whatever happens they can’t accuse us of slouching.

We’ve not shown our dominos to anyone yet. In fact we’ll only see what we’ve got as the curtain goes up on Sunday night, which is thrilling but which could also mean we get a very public doin’.

So if anyone wants to see the moment when the ‘poof’ of dust lets you know Wily Coyote has hit the bottom of the gulch. Sunday Night 9m at In-Space, 1 Crichton Place Edinburgh is the place, Phone 0131 623 8030 to book a seat.

See you there, RB