Well, I know it’s been a while since my last update…. to make up for this I’m going to give you a bit of an update on the GFF trailer, a few thoughts about the weekend, and some links to some unrelated interesting things I’ve come across in the last week….

First off; the launch weekend! By the time I’d gone to my office to pick up my camera and trudge along Argyle Street in the pouring rain, I was generally soggy all over with a fully water-logged foot curtesy of the hole in my shoe. To add to my woes the coffee machine in Mono was out of order! Not the best start to what turned out to be a fascinating, entertaining,worthwhile weekend.

I really enjoyed Saturday, with it’s mixture of arts and crafts (in the true meaning of the word); I discovered a few gems I’d not been aware of before. I was particularly moved by the photographic exhibition in the Street Level Gallery which depicted the life of the photographer’s parents before and after his mother’s stroke and subsequent death. Not sure how I feel about the fact that the artist posed his parents for alot of the images, but guess it shows the level of trust between himself and his parents that this didn’t seem an uncomfortable thing to do.

Sunday was the business end of the launch weekend with some great presentations by artists and designers from an eclectic mix of backgrounds. I saw a good number of familiar faces at the drinks after as well as meeting many new people. Great stuff.

Congratulations to the cSta team for a successful implimentation of a what could have been a logistical nightmare! Just as their logo promised, the events ran like clockwork!I look forward to future events like this and hope it can become a bi-yearly, or more frequent, event.

The trailer is taking shape; the gods looked kindly on me and gave me two days of good weather to coincide with my filming the various sites. As usual, I had to waste a fair bit of time battling the inevitable tecnhical difficulties of transferring HD footage to my workstation, but in the end all is well and the results look good. As for the music, I’ve met up with Matty to discuss the approach I am looking for and we made some good progress developing the idea. I’m quite excited to hear what he and Charlie can rustle up!

And for my links of the week….
some incredible vfx and particle work with “Fire”


Not particularly new, but this is a sweet piece of stop-motion animation to music.

This is just nice and weird :-

I want to make something like these ! all paint on plywood …


Enjoy yer weekends….