Hello my dears,

This is a bit late as was meant to go up on Friday but I thought I’d shove it up just to complete the GFF trailer competition experience! So here’s the material of my final submission with treatment and storyboards and stuff yo!


The trailer involves a classic Glasgow tenement building and its inhabitants. The first shot begins by looking straight at the exterior the ground floor flat; it’s night time with orange street lamps illuminating the dark windows. To the beat of the music the lights in the flats turn on in sequence. This reveals the people inside carrying out an array of activities. These activities hint at stereotypical and iconic shots, scenes and concepts from famous films. One example is a red hoodie clad man pedalling furiously on an exercise bike with a large circular lantern behind him. The camera journeys at a constant speed up the tenement building staying locked straight on. More dark windows come into view and the lights come on to the beat. The hints become more abstract and some don’t involve people at all. The camera reaches the roof of the building carrying on to reveal the streets of Glasgow behind finally coming to a rest as the GFF logo appears.

The tenement building itself will either be a layered photo or a photographed and lit miniature model, similar to the technique used in my previous film Grandma & the Monster all the while keeping in mind Avril Paton’s iconic paintings of Glasgow’s tenements. The camera movement up the building will be achieved using After Effects. Rather than being filmed the action sequences will be created using looped photographs, forming gifs, a jolting style of animation. The people will be shot against a green screen and the sitting room sets slipped in behind them. The gifs will be animated to the beat of the music coherently fusing the audio-visual elements. The overall feel will be that of an automata sculpture; a multitude of miniature interlacing cogs, springs mechanisms working as one to create the rudimentary yet pleasing action.

Susan Boyle (of local band Vendor Defender) has agreed to collaborate to make the track for the piece. She has made a very rough mock up which hasn’t been mixed that she is thinking about using.

Window 1
A man wearing a red hoodie and sports gear peddling on an exercise bike in front of a round lantern lamp shade on his light – E.T.

Window 2
A woman watching a exercise video, one of the moves is to move your arms with fingers in ‘V’s across her eyes – Pulp Fiction

Window 3
Birds in a birdcage and birds hanging out – The Birds

Window 4
A man stands at the back of the room while in the foreground is a silhouette of a woman putting on her tights – The Graduate

Window 5
A shadow of a giant rabbit crosses the floor – Harvey

Window 6
3 People in red tracksuits – The Royal Tenenbaums

Window 7
This window is underwater, a squid floats by – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Window 8
A flashing television with static on it – Poltergeist

Window 9
The blind is down and there is a faint, distorted shadow of a hand holding a knife – Psycho

Window 10
This window is entirely bricked up – Brick

Window 11
A man wearing pyjamas with banages on his leg looking out with binoculars
– Rear Window

Window 12
A man taking off his glasses and ripping open his shirt – Superman

Cheers my dears