Cheers to everyone that has messaged me with contacts to try for GFF2010 assistance. Couple of really interesting links so far to people to help with the music and possibly with the animation should I decided I need help with that.

Nothing agreed yet though, so if anyone else is interested in collaborating,  should my idea get picked, then please get in touch. Sound/ music producers of magic especially required – I think by all four shortlisted guys.

The GFT are offering to provide free advertising in their brochure to assisting companies as part of a bartering system which is pretty cool. [check it out here]

I’ve made a bit of a rough animation test of some of my ideas and I’ll try to add to this post tonight when I get a chance. I know the other guys have changed their ideas a bit since the initial pitch but mine hasn’t altered. Not sure if thats a good thing or not but I kinda like it the way my idea is so don’t want to change for changes sake. Hopefully the people making the decision like it too.

Its a funny process this – not like any other pitching I’ve done. The four shortlisted people are technically in competition with each other and yet are going about that process in complete transparency, are using some of the same resources and are even trying to help each other out if they can. Feels quite odd but is very friendly.

Quite a crazy fast timescale aswell and thanks to everyone for their patience with us as we hurriedly chuck out these calls for help. Anyone needing help with any illustration/ graphics or film in the future, give me a shout.

Cheers to all