Hi folks!

Had my first meeting with Mark and Clyde at ISO Design this morning! They were very helpful and I’ve come away with loads of new ideas for the development of my trailer. I also met the lovely Central Station ladies and it gave me a chance to discuss my idea with them as well!

I’m going to ditch the first scene as this seems superfluous and was originally only included to advertise Glasgow. Instead, the entire trailer will focus on the couple exploring and contending with obstacles to reach their gigantic cinema seats. The whole trailer will be in black and white (sort of a film noir 1940s feel)… The production can be achieved with high definition stills of cinema seats and aisles, a green screen and simple locked shots for filming.

I’ve got loads of work to do between now and my second development meeting (next Tuesday morning!) So, for now I’m posting a new synopsis below and a couple of image sketches to get a better idea of the scale of the cinema seats. In a couple of days I’ll try and get the revised script up here.

[rough sketches showing my development of work for the Glasgow Film Festival Trailer Competition]

I might be looking for a lighting technician to help with filming the green screened shots. If anyone knows of someone (preferably with their own lighting equipment), please e-mail me!


A young couple are tentatively led by an usher through a cavernous-like space. Flashes of light from the usher’s torch give brief views of giant details (such as massive screws, huge number and name plates, etc). They climb over obstacles and eventually stop, astounded as they look up towards the colossal-sized cinema seats. A struggle ensues as the couple strain to climb up onto them, with the usher’s unwilling assistance.
Line reads “GFF10… Now Even Bigger.”