A retrospective diary of Ruth Parker’s attempts to build a set.

So I am decided I need a transit van and shit loads of cardboard, and I’ll drive around the street of London for as long as possible scarvaging bits and bobs and making a few wise buys form brick-a-brack stores. By 5 pm on Thursday I have amassed a collection of cardboard, and I now official have 24hrs to make the final set, so I get out my PVA glue and begin the laborious process of making cardboard look like furniture. I while away the early hours and then come the morning it all systems go.

The van gets picked up. Borrows, begs and steals whatever it can on route to The PLUS gallery. Once camped down in position, the van gets decked in its outter shell of cardboard and the interior slowly transforms in to a cosy living room with a cocktail area. It all become blurry at this point, and thanks to lots of willing and helpful hands the van is completed… and its nice to think that Gavin Turk had a little sit down and enjoy.