You might ask why would you want to build a living room in such a short space of time and why on earth would it be made of cardboard?

Well I guess I’ll take you back to the beginning and try to explain the creative process that lead to the mamouth task ahead.

I was approached by Central Station to create a space/set in which they could film during the opening of the PLUS exhibition, which would be the culmination of there Art/roC/dOc journey. The idea was to create a space that showed the spirit of the documentary and that could also be used practically to interview artists that were attending or exhibiting in the show. At this point with 4 days until the event, I foolish thought what could be easier and signed myself up for the task. So with my camera on my back I toddled down to Southwark to have a look at the space. Although the space was still in construction and with only about a third of the artwork installed, it soon became very apparent that this was going to be a really impressive exhibition with some real big hitter of the art world involved. But what also struck me was despite this quite imposing white space filled with famous works, there was an amazing atmosphere of everyone mucking in and working towards something that they really seemed to believe in, which was also exactly the nature of the filming, so i really wanted to capture this idea in the set as well.

The space was been transformed by Kerry Ryan of Neon & Signmakers, originally intended as a shop, it had just laid empty for months on end, so one conversation lead to another and an exhibition was planned. Kerry had been supporting up and coming artist for years, helping them to produce work on the cheap and then often buying pieces of them, those all important sales when you trying to find a way in the art world. Because of this (and his amazing eye for spotting talent) he had amassed an amazing personal collection and the best little black book of names you could imagine. And so PLUS was created, originally starting as thirty artist for one day, word spread and it took on its own momentum, leading to 70+ artist in 100+ hours.

The fact that so many people were exhibiting was amazing but it did lead to a bit of a quandary about how the hell I was going to build a set in there. Literally every wall was covered and every floor space was going to be filled with audience.