A retrospective diary of Ruth Parker’s attempts to build a set.

After a strange night of dreaming about caravans and beautiful retro camper vans decked out in carefully considered props with artist and models walking around in soft focus, I realise that I have to crush the fantasy and wake-up to the cold hard facts: I need some sort of container in which I can build a space by five o’clock today at the latest. So the equation basically boils down too no time and very little money, and lots to do. So of course know its time to go too a meeting in brick lane to tell Central Station my finding… yikkees!

Normally I would say that London is a great place but after hours of traveling to have meeting with people equally pushed for time, the glamor quickly wears off. I feel exhausted having traveled for ages just too tell worried looking people I am not entirely clear on what we are going too do, but that I am sure it will be fine. However the endless bus journey’s and the sights they give me, do lead to masses of inspiration. I love the fact that were ever you look around you see the creative types of the city burrowing, scrapping and scrounging things around them in an attempt to create something, maybe its not perfect and maybe that not how you would go about it if you had cash to splash around, but things get made and generally there always interesting and sometimes they are truly beautiful. And it reminds me of the ethos of the film, one person finds another and then it leads into something else and sometimes a great event lies at the end.

So in a way thats my decision made, I want too make a set out of the things that have been discarded in the city. To find things left on the streets and give them a new purpose, and a temporary home for central station.