Opening Night For GI with Phil Kay.

We started our evening of art exploration for the opening GI festival in the West end of Glasgow at Welcome HomeGallery for the Glasgow PODCART exhibitionSKETCHBOOK.

What a great little venue.  I’d never seen Welcome Home this busy. Our very own Kirstie Swain had some work on display there amongst work by Bronto Skylift , Lauren Gentry , Sephanie Spindler and many more. The idea behind SKETCHBOOK was to show how artists generate and develop their ideas and the process’s which they go thought to create artworks.
I recommend getting on a White bike and pay Welcome Home a visit.
These included drawings, scripts, scribbles ,notes and lyrics and  drawn/wirtten on sketchbooks torn bits of paper, A4 sheets….

Our schedule was so busy that we didn’t have time to stay any longer and had to move on to our next opening at the GI HUB on Miller street.
There Phil decided to take a closer look at the Whites bikes and went for a ride on miller street. We then headed inside to check out the provo’s white bike plan exhibition which included the bike that got painted on George square during the manifesto.

From there we went to Glasgow Arches for Forest Fringe. Phil and I indulged in a game of pong on a giant screen to much of phil’s and my amusement.

Phil got the opportunity to be involved with artists and their work.

That’s Phil on the right hand side!

Phil got talking to a couple of musicians who wanted to write a song form him based around 5 questions they had previously asked him. Unfortunately the event closed early and we never got a chance to hear the song …

We will attempt to re-visit the Arches in the hope of get this song written and recorded for you all to hear.

To finish off our night we made our way towards Glasgow Art School for the second last Optimo, where Finnish trio Opel Bastard played an incredible dj set till the late hours of the morning..

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