Can creativity be switched on and off like a tap? I guess it cant, but we all have our methods of getting into the zone that helps things along. Deadlines can be great to focus the mind but different time zones can also provide good cover, if you’re trying to hide.

I’ve been part of the creative momentum on ‘Composer Wanted’ for a while now and it seems to be birling on down the road quite nicely towards it’s June outcome, but I’m far far away and only contactable through the slightest Skype connection. So I was invited to keep contact going with all those interested in our process by typing up a creative blog.

I’m 9 hours ahead of the Glasgow office (it’s 09:00 on the 20th of May here) and they’re all currently tucked up in bed warmly anticipating timecodes and approved scripts in the morning – But theirs many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip.

Weather is dictating my calendar. I’ve got to strike out today in a weather window that could close tonight. I’m currently on a photo assignment in Australia and need to take the opportunity when it’s here. It’s not like I can come back next week.

So, apologies to all the creative people waiting for my input and output, it’s pushed back by a day. I’ve got to take these photographs and for the first time in days, it’s not raining out there.

Yours Aye, RB