Right. it’s on. I guess it better be on as the art roc doc screening is right around the corner.

Photo taken by Dagmar Vyhnalkova

After importing 10 tapes of footage, I chopped the trailer and then Christmas arrived. It is almost impossible to do anything constructive over the festive period, you can have a go, but then chocolate oranges and playing wii sports with your gran intrudes.

Right, so, with sore arms from overhitting many a backhand down the tram lines, it was time to get into the cut, the final cut.

Things are starting to take shape after four chopping sessions in various locations around Glasgow and the Central Station HQ. Luckily, the edit is starting to make sense, which is handy. So far myself, CenSta’s own Yvonne Bray and DigiCult’s Paul Welsh have been blocking out rough ideas and going back and forth simmering clips down to a fine brew…

Rough editing means working fast which means I have now developed ninja hands as I love a good shortcut. So much so, I have listed my top three final cut pro shortcuts at the moment.

3. alt + cmd + T  = Add fade in/out on audio

2. fn + cmd + F12 = Full Screen playback

1. T x 4 = select all to the right of the playhead

On Saturday there Jack from the band passed us a couple reference tracks to chuck into the mixer. This was just the boost the edit needed and has turned things up a notch. Some cracking tracks, might have to get them onto the ipod for full immersion.

Will report back at the end of next week with more ninja typed nonsense roughly referring to art / roc / doc !

Oh also, Sunday 21st Feb, 5pm. ITS ON.

More info here http://www.glasgowfilmfestival.org.uk/films/661

Have a look at Dasha’s profile here: http://tinyurl.com/dashasphotos