Alphaville Exchange

Alpha-ville EXCHANGE is a one-day event on 17 January at Rich Mix, London designed to offer the art, tech and creative communities the opportunity to connect, exchange ideas, get inspired and discover new talent.

Participating in Alpha-ville EXCHANGE is visual artist, Shantell Martin who is expanding conventional definitions of drawing and animation to transform visual experience in the design, fashion and music industries. Here is what she recommends:

I’m excited by the release of Sasha Perera’s debut LP called Everlast. I’ve been listening to Sasha’s music for years actually even back when I lived in Tokyo, mostly in the form of the group Jahcoozi.

You can get the LP on Vinyl, CD or as a digital download via Bandcamp or Boomkat or iTunes.
Stream ‘Everlast’ via Soundcloud.


2013 would have looked very completely different to me if it weren’t for the Krink K-51 marker. I make sure to have a few packed in my suitcase on all of my adventures.


The Eyeo Festival is probably one of the best festivals I’ve participated in and would love to return to in the future as an attendee. The Art Walker centre in Minneapolis is a great venue and the vibe of the festival is super open and fun with the caliber of people speaking is very hard to match.

Eyeo Festival 2012
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An Oversimplification of Her Beauty feels more like getting very close to someone thoughts and dreams without personally knowing them. Always want to ask Terrance Nance how much of it is real.

More and more people are collecting art and I really enjoy how Artspace is apart of this new way or seeing, buying and sharing artworks. They have some great pieces including some of my own; two of which are rare in the sense that there is colour in them.

Only One YOU by Shantell Martin
Only One YOU by Shantell Martin

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