Future Positive

Future Positive is an online platform to discover creative talent curated by Jakub Michalski and Igor Termenon. At the heart of each of our projects, there are creative individuals who went against the tide of conformity and followed their instinct to try something different. We want to showcase some of the most ambitious and innovative ideas out there, and hope they will inspire others to start their own projects.

Future Positive - Monocle

Book: The Monocle Guide to Better Living is the newest addition to our bookshelf and we read it anytime we need some inspiration. We’re fans of the magazine and the book hasn’t disappointed us at all!

Future Positive- Intern

Magazine: We’re addicted to magazines so it’s really difficult to pick just one, but we really like the first issue of Intern, which just arrived in our mailbox a couple of days ago. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first issue celebrates the work of interns in the creative industries and showcases the work of future talent.

Future Positive - Brew Lab

Cafe: Brew Lab in Edinburgh is one of our favourite coffee shops in the city – the team there is very passionate about coffee and you can feel the love in every cup.

Future Positive - Beata Wilczek

Artist: We recently bought a collage by London-based Polish artist & curator Beata Wilczek. She has really interesting aesthetics and we love how she mixes different techniques and materials.

Future Positive - Oamul Lu

Illustrator: We discovered the work of Chinese illustrator Oamul earlier this year and we met him in Edinburgh just a couple of weeks ago while he was visiting the country. He’s really talented and we love the ideas he comes up with for his GIFs.

Film: Gary Hustwit’s documentaries are a great source of inspiration. We especially like Objectified although we recommend any of his work.

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