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One of My Kind (OOMK) is a highly visual, handcrafted small-press publication whose content largely pivots upon the imaginations, creativity and spirituality of women. The goal of the publication is to recognise and highlight the thoughts and opinions of interesting and inspirational women.

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ISSUE 1 – page 14

OOMK contains articles, interviews and artworks from a diverse range of emerging creative and activist artists, bloggers and writers. The founders of OOMK are particularly interested in highlighting the work and creative practices of women, who like themselves, are Muslim. Articles focus on issues surrounding feminism, culture, identity and community.

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ISSUE 1 – page 15

In terms of its aesthetics and content, OOMK is starkly different from typical women’s magazines, pages are minimal with gently handcrafted touches and there is no trace of any sort of style advice, gossip or weight loss tips.

OOMK Zine page 22
ISSUE 1 – page 22

Editors of OOMK Sofia Niazi, Sabba Khan and Rose Nordin, said:
‘We feel very strongly about creativity and visual communication and the part is has to play in communicating and raising awareness about issues that are important to us but don’t seem to find a clear or strong voice in the mainstream. As Muslims we’re constantly being talked about and talked at, we think its important that as individuals and as a community we start to become more articulate in expressing what we think, feel and believe, and being able to communicate this both visually and through writing.’

OOMK Zine page 23
ISSUE 1 – page 23

‘We’re not just interested in projecting Muslim viewpoints or Muslim artists though, we’re excited about learning and collaborating with lots of different people both creatively and in terms of sharing and discussing how we relate to issue like feminism, identity, community and religion. Amongst the activist and feminist community we find that with regards to many issues, we share the same concerns, we want to contribute to and support actions that will raise awareness of these concerns and help bring about change.‘

OOMK Zine page 40
ISSUE 1 – page 40

Issue 1 includes work by Betsy Greer, Hana Tajima, Hannah Habibi Hopkin, Rachael Dadd, Rukia Begum, Reena Makwana, Huda Khaireh, Ceri May and many more.

OOMK Zine page 41
ISSUE 1 – page 41

OOMK will initially be published on a bi-annual basis. Issues can be purchased via the magazine’s website and is available to buy in specialist retail outlets.

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