Art on Your Streets is a public art mapping blog by curator Catriona Black-Dinham. It features artworks found on display in public spaces over a number of different cities, illustrating the unique character and dynamic nature of each location.

Catriona provides a useful resource to those seeking hidden gems and well known works. A good example of this is her familiar stomping ground in Edinburgh. Want to take in all of the Antony Gormley series 6 Times? The blog shows all six, including the striking cast Number VI standing at the end of an abandoned pier in Leith.

Antony Gormley, 6 Times cast Number VI
Antony Gormley, 6 Times cast Number VI

Among the more mainstream or historically significant pieces on the well-tread tourist trail, the collection highlights hidden and temporary works that could easily go unnoticed. Temporary sculptures The Leaf People, situated near Deanhaugh, have been appearing for years now and are there to be appreciated by local passers-by.

The Leaf People
The Leaf People

Find locations of the Shutter Project, like this one by Fraser Grey, giving a new lease of life to the shop fronts after hours.

shutter project Fraser Grey
The Shutter Project, Fraser Grey

Art on Your Streets reflects on each city having an aesthetic and gives the reader the insight and tools to explore what each city has to offer. Check the site for all locations including Glasgow, Amsterdam and Singapore.

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