We came across FAIR recently and thought it deserved a bit of attention. FAIR brings together post graduate students from a number of institutions for an art fair with a difference…

What’s ‘FAIR’?:

‘FAIR’ is unique. There is no other art fair anywhere in the world that exclusively exhibits the work of students; students are excluded from participating in such events by virtue of being students. Additionally, students are prohibited from applying for public grants that would enable them to initiate such a project, leaving art fairs at the behest of an established network of art fund investors, collectors and dealers. To break this monopoly, it makes sense for students to establish a community of purpose and build their own fair on their own terms. We hope that this pilot will establish the parameters for future occurrences of ‘FAIR’, both in Edinburgh and in the home towns of our guests. This is the first and only art fair for art students by art students, but hopefully, will be the first of many.

Who’s ‘FAIR’?

The programme of ‘FAIR’ is user-generated, it will emerge from the interests and desires of its participants which, for this pilot event, are postgraduate art students from Edinburgh and their guests from the Royal College of Art, Sheffield Hallam and Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst in Ghent. Participants will produce and install their own work in Edinburgh College of Art’s magnificent Sculpture Court. The work-in-progress will be visible to the public. As a means of hosting their guests, masters students Edinburgh’s School of Art have designed an accompanying public programme to run over four days.

FAIR opens Friday 24 February, from 7pm.

Find out more about FAIR here.

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