On A White Wall is a photography website created by writer and photographer Alex Wood. On the site you’ll discover the stories behind works whilst uncovering unique and underexposed photography in the process. Started over a year ago, the website has become host to a variety of exclusive interviews, articles and photobook reviews.

onawhitewall Rosaline Shahnavaz
Rosaline Shahnavaz

onawhitewall Rosaline Shahnavaz
Rosaline Shahnavaz

Take a look at photographer Rosaline Shahnavaz’s article on Personality where she explains her intention in reflecting her subject’s inherent character.

“As a female photographer, I don’t really feel a massive obligation to produce portraits of women looking strong, just like I don’t have the need to produce portraits of males looking strong. I take portraits of both males and females for who they are.” – Rosaline Shahnavaz

“Khaled Barghouthi” image from ‘Looking for Palestine’ by David Brunetti

Read an interview with award-winning portrait and documentary photographer David Brunetti on his work documenting Palestine.

“When I think of Palestine, I…remember the people I’ve met, the food, the music, the culture and how beautiful it is.” – David Brunetti

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