Questioning Creatives is a website created to offer a better idea of a creative career path. It was originally setup by a graphic designer when his daughter was considering a career as an illustrator. After trying to explain that an illustrator’s life isn’t as simple as sitting at a desk all day, drawing nice pictures, he decided that it would be good to setup a website with interviews and career stories. This site is not just for prospective illustrators, but for anyone involved in the creative industry.

Why we like it:
Professional illustrators and recent graduates explain how they got to where they are now, the best and worst things about their jobs and what they wish they’d known at the beginning. This site provides a clearer idea of what a creative’s life is really like, alongside some words of wisdom. If you’re struggling to decide if a creative path is really for you, then these stories, tips and ideas might make that decision a little easier. We just wish it was around ten years ago…

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