Rammatik is Rannvá Káradóttir and Marianna Mørkøre – an experimental director duo from the Faroe Islands. This is where they create their work.

Our workspace is the harsh and breathtaking nature of the Faroe Islands – a group of islands 62°N. This remote place in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean provides the backdrop for all our films.

We work spontaneously on location whilst filming, this gives us the ability to interpret the landscape through the movements and the costumes.

We are currently working on a series of 8 experimental shortfilms called The Cycle. The films are shot on super8 – this archaic format create a timeless and mysterious quality.

Fragmented stories are unraveled in these open and vast spaces, enhanced by the uncontrollable and extreme weather conditions that are an important character in all the films.

Deprived from dialogues and narratives, the repetitive patters of movements, costumes, music, landscapes and other components create an intriguing atmosphere that takes the viewer to a surreal and haunting universe.

You can find more about Rammatik here.

Stills from the films:

Photos by Katrin Svabo Bech


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