Ruth Parker has been been working as a freelance artist/designer for the past 5 years, exhibiting work in the UK and Internationally. Ruth has previously worked with Liberty’s, Ted Baker and Ditptyque. Here is were Ruth creates…

My studio is also my home, which can be both a blessing and a curse… no long commute, but the endless temptation/pressure to keep on working. I live in the Abbey Arts Centre, in New Barnet, just on the outskirts of London; it has been run as an artist live/work space since the 1940′s, and has seen many different creatives come and go. Set in two Acres of land, it is a really peaceful place to work, and I even have my own little woodland garden. A lot of the buildings that you find here, once belong elsewhere, but when no longer wanted they where taken down and re-built in the Abbey land, so its a real mis-mash of styles and eras. Its ramshackle and beautiful, and its really interesting to think of all the different people that have lived here through the years… apparently before becoming an artist place, it was a nunnery, and there was a overlap when the nun and artists all lived together. What is now my bedroom was once an apothecary, so it really does feel like your living in a little piece of history, and you consonantly find objects and stories that relate to its diverse past.

My work is quite messy, haphazard and eclectic, so I guess I quite suit where I am. I use many different mediums across design, craft and fine art; I love being based where I am, as it allows me the space and time to explore working across such a diverse area of styles and outputs.

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