Susan Elliott is Scottish jewellery and textile designer. This is where she makes…

My workroom is a lot tidier in these pictures then it usually has been up till now. After being in this space 8 months it’s finally turning into the workspace I had hoped for. I painted the back wall a cheery bright yellow and found a brilliant beach hut magnetic board to keep notes on, as well as hang jewellery from. The bunting hanging on the wall I used to decorate my stall with at craft fairs. I don’t use it at fairs much now but couldn’t bring myself to part with it. Once I had a yellow wall the bunting seemed to fit perfectly.

I have been running SparkleSmith a few years now and in that time it has grown from prominently a jewellery company to now also creating purses, bags, bunting and all sorts of other little goodies. I try to keep my space organised but working in jewellery and sewing it is hard not to end up collecting thousands of beads, metals, ribbons, fabrics and loads more. Shelves and drawers are filled with jars charms, boxes bursting with pendants and pearls, and piles of gorgeous fabrics that I haven’t been able to resist. I have lots of storage boxes with little compartments and quite often thinking I have run out of materials I have restocked, only to find things a few months later in the boxes.

I work mainly at my desk but quite often need more space and end up sitting on the floor with materials spread out all around me. On the desk just now is a wedding bracelet I am making for a bride marrying next month. The coconut shells I have been collecting for years and I use them to stop tiny beads rolling onto the floor. I also use them to display products at craft fairs.

I don’t think my workspace is personalised enough yet. I have a few pictures I love up but they are mostly postcards or photographs from before the days of the digital camera. With everything being on the computer now I need to take the time to go and get some of my favourite snaps printed.
Over the next few months my circumstances will be changing dramatically (for the better) and I will be spending a lot more time in my workroom. I’m looking forward to seeing how the space develops and what I produce there in the future.

You can find out more about SparkleSmith on her website.


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