I think its amazing how social media can take a hold of such a season in the Arts calendar. Degree shows are now easily advertised, broadly visited in their diversification and reviewed easier by the growing body of journalistic busy-minded busybodies!! Great stuff in marking out new talent on an annual basis and hopefully there’ll be an increase in new-er media being notified through online presence.

Since around 2005 Degrees unedited with http://www.a-n.co.uk has been supporting the critical context of degree show season through a platform for review as well as one of the first blogging communities to hit the web, designed especially for the student voice. We have students stretching their virtual thoughts from all over the UK and beyond so, talking of diversification… there’s voices from universities and colleges in London, Wales, Devon, the midlands reaching up to Northern England into Scotland.

This group on Central Station is great, it’s pulling in so much more interest! Degrees unedited (i.e.Richard Taylor) is happy therefore and would like to say thank you to the drive of Central Station!!!

If any more of you are visiting degree shows make sure you get on Twitter and either use #degreeshows hash tag or #degreeshow hash tag to recommend your pick of student work. a-n Magazine is pulling from your interest to get a student image on the cover or featured in the summer issue…