Dundee Commons Festival

Dundee Commons Festival is a week-long celebration and investigation of the commons as it relates to Dundee. There will be daily talks, bread-making, walks, workshops, exhibitions, and performances.

We ask, what would Dundee look like, sound like, feel like, taste like, and smell like if the city were a commons? How would we relate to one another? What values would sustain us? And what sort of support structures would we need to create a common future?

At a time of immense change, both locally and globally, the festival provides a framework to join together, reflect on, and respond to some of these questions.

All events are free and everyone is welcome.

Morning workshops and weekend events are suitable for all ages – with appropriate adult supervision or consent.

The hub space – and many of the events – can be found at Roseangle Commons, Dundee West Church, Lower Hall, 132 Perth Rd, DD1 4JW – enter via Roseangle Arts Cafe.

Selected highlights:

Breadmaking workshop Dundee Commons Festival

Monday – Friday 9.30 – 10.15 | Roseangle Commons
Daily Bread with Claire Briegel
An opportunity to make bread together and reflect on the day’s theme.

Joanna Foster Drawing the Commons

Monday 24 – Friday 28 August 13.00 – 14.00 | Roseangle Commons
Lunchtime talks

Monday 24 August: Andy Wightman, Land as Commons – How Half of Scotland was Privatised.
Tuesday 25 August: Mike Small, Food as Commons – Creating a Restorative Food Culture
Wednesday 26 August: Lesley Riddoch, People as Commons – Community Empowerment and Local Democracy
Thursday 27 August: Cornalia Sollfrank, Digital Commons – An Inspiration for New Forms of Sharing and Collaboration in the Arts
Friday 28 August: Gesa Helms and Leigh French, Art as Commons – Culture, Communication and Democracy in Scotland

Forest Gardening workshop

Monday 24, Wednesday 26 & Friday 28 August 14.30 – 17.30 | Discovery Point
Design in Common Action
Workshops offering participants the opportunity to engage in the co-design and planning of Dundee Waterfront Development.

Roundabout Collective Agreeculture

29 August 11:00 – 21.30 | City Square & Roseangle Commons
Public Space and performance
An all day dance and performance event in Dundee City Square followed by an evening of poetry, spoken word and dance entitled Flow! Commons.

Sarah Gittins If the City were an Orchard

Monday 24 – Sunday 30 August | Roseangle Commons Gallery Space
If the City were an Orchard by Sarah Gittins
An exhibition of screenprints exploring the biodiversity commons of an Orchard City.

For the full programme and to sign up to workshops, visit Dundee Commmons Festival.

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