Mobile Creative Village, 2012

Craig Barrowman is a multimedia artist and curator based in Aberdeen. He is a founding member of collaborative art group Stray Dog and recently facilitated the ‘Art + Politics’ strand of Temporary Art School.

WLD/WLVS commissioned tee by Craig Barrowman

Why we like it:
Drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, performance and curating are all part of Barrowman’s creative practice. His website demonstrates his talents in a clear, visual way, enticing you to learn more about them.

Short Trip
, 2006 by Craig Barrowman

Hidden treasure:
Short Trip was part of a group exhibition in 2006 where Barrowman took small groups of people out to an undisclosed location (Nigg Bay). He recorded their conversations in the car and played them through the car stereo to the following group of people. Notable praise goes to the brave participants, as well as the artist for this unique project.

Wishing Mountain, 2011

Where to find out more:
Website | Blog | Flickr


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