What gives perspective is the horizon – but what happens when it’s hidden?

Elements of travel are to become something of self-made residencies: marked periods in time – weeks or weeks and a half away – distancing myself from habit allowing space for concentration. The studio is hidden to me – places I have never been but essential in their non-familiarity.

“We have some funny bits going on today – sticks and blindfolds and ink and paper (lots of paper) and cameras and structures plus string, poles and rope and plastic ties. The additional material is light – this comes from luminescent balls, wind-up torches and the flash of a remote camera (built in to the structure).”


“…Kimbal introduced the site to us – he was wearing his ever-fashionable bright red raincoat: I shall be taking my red, green, black and white golfing umbrella. They’ll come with waterproofs too the others who attended and are yet to attend…”

I hope in the mean time that we’ll find enough time to get things done and to fit everything in. His plans seem to be a lot more observational than mine – he wants to emanate touch in order to make drawings and I seem to be entirely involved with conceptual scenarios – props – designs – stages and environments created with the slip of a pencil. There is a difference in what can be intimacy in drawings and then also something wide, something altogether collected from thought that’s not physical but more controlling.

His ideas are simpler and perhaps more affective. Mine seem to be more planned, over complicated and altogether construed with not having seen the place with my own eye’s. The part about seeing the space and Kimbal having shown it me – this was entirely made up manufactured. It still remains fictional and the observation made about him wearing a red cloak (coat/waterproof) was taken from another photograph I have seen of him. The quote is something fantastical as is the opening paragraph – fantastically categorical like the drawings might always be.


I wonder if this incoherence will embed itself in the work – just half an hour we have I wonder how much time there will be afterwards and before to pack up, back up and leave and set up and go. I am trying desperately not to pre-empt anything but my train tickets are on the lip of my bedroom mirror marked “mid May travel” – something that soon will be replaced with “early/mid June travel” – and then perhaps “late/mid (south west) July travel”.

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