SummerhallTV is an arts channel dedicated to capturing and sharing artistically wonderful happenings. For the past year their channel, Art in Scotland TV has been dotting about Scotland to cover various art news and events. With such a vast archive of videos, we decided to ask creative individuals to filter these and share their favourites.

Bill Millett

Bill Millett is a visual artist working in video and photography, occasionally indulging in sound. His works focus on the multiple levels of reality, its illusion and construction towards cognitive framing. The images drift towards the abstract and meditative. His works can be viewed on his website.

My Top Five

I have chosen have a human thread running through the works; as you progress the thread will become obvious. Hopefully the chosen works illustrate the importance of documentation that now seems lost as its submerged, in a digital tsunami.

Jessica Lloyd-Jones: Hidden Energies

Lloyd-Jones’ works illustrate the beauty and fragility of the human body through the use of manipulated materials and light to reveal new perspectives.

Thibaut Clamart: Genesis & Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge

I saw this during the festival, thought it the best show. It does what art should confront, and is poignant in relation to the recent global dynamics. I don’t think you will ever see GPO trending.

David Lyons: Eye for an Eye

A precise and empirical use of art and science, illustrating that artwork can be intentionally created to be experienced differently depending on the individual’s visual abilities, perception there is more than meets the eye.

Simon Norfolk: Afghanistan – Chronotopia

I remember seeing a documentary on Norfolk’s work and found it a powerful way of illustrating war in a media stream that has become sanitised. In his works we see a painting of a landscape from a distance. On closer inspection, you start to notice the objects of war. It’s not Stalingrad but just as effective.

Ian Hughes: Unearthed Tongues Set Free

The last is the work of Ian Hughes who recently passed away. This is a powerful illustration of dehumanisation.

This is the second in an ongoing series selecting films from SummerhallTV’s archive. See the first in the series by Dave Rushton here. For a chance to curate your very own SummerhallTV film selection, please email Central Station on

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