Kalopsia was founded in 2012 by four Textile graduates all with an unique and different approach to Textiles. They work with everything from system design, video installations, traditional weaving, pattern cutting to performance art. They are currently based in Edinburgh and will in 2013, open UK’s first dedicated Contemporary Textile gallery with the aim to develop a platform and opportunities for graduates and established creators.

Kalopsia Collective

It was after their first textile exhibitions in the UK and Scandinavia that they realised the lack of space for contemporary textiles within the art community and the general lack of understanding of what textiles can be. It was from this realisation that their goal became to provide opportunities for contemporary textiles to be seen and understood.

Kalopsia Collective

Kalopsia now brings attention to this upcoming field and sees textiles as a distinct artistic practice which opens up the debate on “What is Textiles”. This is the title of Kalopsia’s current exhibition on at Whitespace, Edinburgh until 2 May.

Kalopsia Collective Exhibition

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