Catherine Street

Edinburgh based artist Catherine Street presents new work at the Reid Gallery this spring. Expect an exhibition which can also be considered as an unfolding piece of theatre. Voice recordings, flickering projections and live performances combine to create an atmosphere of intense reverie.

Street often incorporates her own body into an installation setting that has video, audio, drawn, sculptural, and written elements. The atmosphere is usually unnerving, tense, sensual, comical. Intense breathing sounds give the viewer the feeling of moving inside the lungs, the body’s cavities – whilst her writings often describe a desire to break apart the flesh and return it to its constituent elements.

During the exhibition, there will be several live performances where the artist’s voice is slow and meditative as she combines live and recorded spoken word. The looped imaginings, calculations and speculations mingle with intense breathing and whistling sounds as well as field recordings made in the streets surrounding GSA. The performance is conceived as part of the installation, audience members are encouraged to come and go as they please.

Catherine Street will be exhibiting new works at Reid Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art from 18 – 30 April. Performances will take place on 22 – 25 April and 29 – 30 April from 3.30-4.30pm.

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