My Name is Carolina Penafiel, I am one of the founders of Local Project, a non profit arts organization in Queens, New York.

Local project was founded in 2003 by a group of friends trying to keep the new art going in the emerging Long Island City neighborhood.

Soon LP became a home for artists and people from different backgrounds, in some cases part of the LP community found in the space opportunities to grow as artist, LP doesn’t just offer an art space but a HOME, a place to share, to talk and dialogue.

Local Project holds art shows since 2003, we have exhibit artists from all over the world, all disciplines, fostering interaction between artist and the community.

Our idea also is to create a bridge breaking down the walls between establish Art Institutions and the general public. Local Project made that real working together community based projects with the Queens Museum of Art, Museum del Barrio and recently we establish a program of art lectures in LP with the MOMA Museum.

As artists we understand the need for a space. We understand that a platform is needed for new artists to emerge and show their work, to get in contact and get the necessary feedback from the audience: that is why we created this space.

A forum for artist where the community can find inspiration, direction, friends, guidance, sin limites, LP is never boring, LP is vital for the arts and the people of New York.