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Twigs & Apples zine started in 2009, in the rainy northern city of Preston. It came about as a collective of four friends, Sarah Riddel, Stuart Saint, Benedict Rutherford and Steph Fletcher, each with different creative backgrounds but a shared interest in writing, art and activism. Here, Steph Fletcher tells us more…

Twigs & Apples issue 7 01

The first few issues were produced as basic, hand cut ‘n pasted photocopied zines, filled with drawings, rants, reviews, poetry, photography, and more. As we continued it as a biannual publication, we refined the design and now make it as a digital, quality print on recycled paper.

Twigs & Apples issue 7 02

It was really important to us that, from the start, we had an ‘open submission’ policy – that anyone could submit anything (within reason) and we’d print and distribute it. We really enjoy offering an open, non-commerical, non-profit platform for alternative views and creative output.

Twigs & Apples issue 7 03

In the past few years we’ve expanded to design, publish and distribute other titles, from solo photography zines to event guides, and we also produce lino and screen prints. We’re excited to be launching screenprinted t-shirts later in the year, as well as two new regular titles – focusing on photography and arts/activism.

Twigs & Apples issue 7 04 b

We really enjoy the sense of community around the zine scene, whether receiving submissions, orders and comments from around the world, or travelling to zine fairs.

You can find us online at:, @twigsandapples, and ‘Twigs and Apples Publishing‘ on Facebook. We have an Etsy as well as being stocked in shops across the North (see our blog for a list of stockists) – and we’re always looking for new stockists!

Twigs & Apples issue 7 05 b

If you’d like to contribute, take a look at our site for more of an idea of our content. Topics regularly include: film, music, philosophy, poetry, vegan recipes, anarchism, fiction, environment, politics, travel, art, craft, and more.

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