In November I spent four weeks in Mexico after living in San Francisco for two months, so it seems fitting that my blog should feature after Alex Hetherington’s ‘A Meticulous History of Escape and Vanity’ .  I divided my time between Oaxaca State and Mexico City, however for the purpose of this blog I will be concentrating on the latter.

Mexico City is like no other I have ever experienced.   A city of extremes drenched in traditional values yet radically liberalised in recent years. A vast sprolling metropolis with ample breathing space.  The world’s richest man lives and walks amongst some of the poorest.  Perhaps it is it’s antiquity or turbulant past or the gentle hum of the city but something takes hold and resonates inside you long after you leave.

There are over 22 million people living in the city, making it the third largest city in the world.  I travelled the equivalent distance of Glasgow to Dundee, Dundee to Edinburgh, Edinburgh to Glasgow to view one art gallery.  Euthanasia is legal. Every Sunday morning the current mayor, Marcelo Ebrarad, closes the main motor thoroughfares to traffic allowing cyclists and skateboarders free access to the city’s roads. Venders sell hand-cooked crisps (better than Kettle Crisps) on the street corners. Mexican’s eat chilli lime and salt with everything.

Galleries and or sights of interest in no particular order:
Roja Artspace, House of Gaga, OMR, PerrosNegros Palcio De Bellas Artes, Teotihuacán, Arróniz, MUCA, Coyoacán, Museo Frida Kahlo, Museo Léon Trotsky, Ciudad Universitaria Biblioteca Central, Espacio Escultórico, Galería Nina Menocal, Torre Latinoamericana,  Cuauhtémoc, Museo Nacionel De Antropologia, Condesa y Roma.

I also made a zine entitled Chilli Lime Salt which you can download here.

an installation by artist Morelos Leon Celis


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