Alpha-Ville Festival first launched in 2009, soon establishing itself as a pioneering curator and producer of art+tech events, conferences and exhibitions. Alpha-ville has recently started operating as an agency and creative studio. The new studio recently announced the launch of​ IOTORAMA​, a new interactive project where people can learn about the “Internet of Things” in a playful way.


IOTORAMA ​consists of a web experiment available for all to experience at ​​, alongside an interactive installation currently on exhibition at the Mobile World Centre in Barcelona until 31 July. ​The term IOTORAMA has been created by combining IoT (Internet of Things) and the Ancient Greek suffix “orama” (ὅρᾱμᾰ, ​hórāma)​, which means “sight”, “spectacle”.

The home​, ​environment​, ​body-mind​, ​culture​, ​DIY​ and social​ are all themes explored as part of the project. Users are invited to experience a game-like ecosystem of smart objects (circles), data sources (squares) and purposes (triangles) which, when linked together, unfold a curated selection of over 75 related projects. Inspired by the shapes and colours of the Bauhaus, IOTORAMA’s interface is comprised of a constellation of beautiful animations and soundscapes which provide a fresh approach to the world of IoT and challenge the traditional interface design and navigation.

The inspirational selection includes the smart home hub by ​Mother​, a ​personal robot that acts as your PA, a couple bracelet by ​Bond​ that tickles your partner from wherever you are, a digital art canvas by ​Framed; the connected ​Hello Barbie​; the solar-powered dress ​Wearable Solar​ by Pauline Van Dongen; and a DIY kit to build your own web-connected things by ​readDIYmate.

A series of Design Fiction projects have been integrated to reflect on possible future scenarios, inviting users to consider the social and cultural implications of connected technologies​. In this category, people can discover projects such as ​Pplkpr​, an app by Kyle MacDonald and Lauren McCarthy that tracks and auto-manages your relationships; ​Ethical Things​ by Simone Rebaudengo and ​Matthieu Cherubini​, a device that questions the moral qualities of intelligent objects; ​Gofor Drones​, a concept project by Alex Cornell which questions how we might use drones in the not-so-distant future, and a conceptual video about the future of the workspace and automobility​ ​by IDEO.

iotoram body mind sleep withings aura

IOTORAMA Environment cities Thingful

“​In line with Alpha-ville’s forward-thinking ethos, IOTORAMA proposes an active approach to technology and in particular to the “Internet of Everything”, questioning the way we are designing the world of tomorrow​”.
Estela Oliva & Carmen Salas, Alpha-ville Directors

The project has been directed and produced by Alpha-ville in collaboration Silvio Paganini and William Mapan of London based technologist collective ​FLUUUID​, young creative and ex-Google Creative Lab Jonas Eltes​, and sound designer ​Giganta​. For the best viewing experience, please use Google Chrome.

Discover more about Alpha-Ville on Central Station here.

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