The Collection of Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum is an online work-in-progress archive of the museum’s collections. This database represents approximately 60% of the Museum’s diverse collection spanning twenty four centuries of historic and contemporary design, including seventeenth-century Japanese tsuba, Parisian parasol designs, postmodern glassware, modular toys, and fabric about the future.

This version has been named a “public alpha” which means you will see work that is in-progress and subject to change. An alpha release is an early release and means that active development is still ongoing – object research is being updated, bugs are being fixed, and information is being revised.

Why we like it:
Take some time out to learn something new and search through the museum’s objects by country, department, exhibition, medium, people, period or simply randomised. Each object will provide a little more information about it with links to related artefacts.

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