Setting up - AiWeiwei for Lisson Gallery show
“Setting up – #AiWeiwei for Lisson Gallery show ‘Genius Loci’ at Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti, Venice” (@ErmannoRivetti) [submitted by PVZ)

The Installator (wrapit-tapeit-walkit-placeit) is a blog curated by Chicago based SAIC instructor and curator, Britton Bertran which documents art in transit from various sources around the web. Whether it’s the arrival of a 42,000 year-old baby mammoth at the Natural History Museum in London, art being recovered by soldiers at the end of World War II, or installing an Ai Weiwei installation in Venice, here’s a different way to look at art.

Lyuba the 42,000-Year-Old Baby Mammoth Arrives at the Natural History Museum in London from themindofaconservator

Read more about The Installator here. If you’re interested in art in transition, check out Stephen Iles’ My Process about Leeds based exhibition, Between Space.

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