typo/graphic posters is a platform where you can find inspiration and promotion of good poster design. Brainchild of Brazilian André Felipe, a graphic designer and web developer with a strong passion for design.

Focusing solely on typographical and graphical posters, typo/graphic posters is a curated gallery with a graphic design point of view.

Why we like it:
typo/graphic posters features a selection of designers set out on a grid pattern on their homepage. Click on a poster to find out more about that designer and scroll through their designs horizontally. You can change the background colour of the whole website by going to the top navigation and clicking on one of the small circles next to ‘color’. Also, at any time you can type t or click the / on the far left to get back to the homepage with a fresh list of designers. All in all, this is one really great website.

Find out more:
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