SummerhallTV is an arts channel dedicated to capturing and sharing artistically wonderful happenings. For the past year their channel, Art in Scotland TV has been dotting about Scotland to cover various art news and events. With such a vast archive of videos, we decided to ask creative individuals to filter these and share their favourites. Below is artist filmmaker Ruth Paxton‘s selection.

Toil by Ruth Paxton
Image from ‘TOIL‘. Photo taken by David Liddell.

Ruth Paxton is Scottish filmmaker and visual artist. Nominated one of Canongate Books’ 40 Scottish Storytellers of The Future in 2013, and winner of the award for Best Woman Director at this year’s 12th London Short Film Festival, for her short work PULSE.

Paxton graduated in 2007 with an MA in Film and Television from Screen Academy Scotland, having gained her honours degree at Edinburgh College of Art. Her films are bold and powerful and she has a unique way of visualising, stylising and capturing the intimacy and complexity of people and their stories. Her award-winning shorts have been exhibited and nominated in competition at numerous international events, including prominent film festivals such as Edinburgh International Film Festival, Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, London Short Film Festival and during Armory and Volta in New York.

Paxton is in development across a number of dramatic projects and is represented by Mark Casarotto of Casarotto Ramsay & Associates.

My Top Five

Ingrid Christie’s Tour of Summerhall

I’d LOVE to have had Christie’s experience touring the disused Summerhall building ahead of its regeneration. Abandoned spaces are wonderlands to me. Abandoned creepy institutional spaces with remains lying about: extra so.

Antonio O’Connell: Virus

It was brilliant to discover the author and genesis of this constructed explosion spilling from the Summerhall façade. It makes me feel sunny whenever I see it. And I love O’Connell’s pitch; that it hints at the vibrant happenings inside, because it does just that.

Ross Hogg: Spectators

I realllllly like Ross’ work.

BIG ISSUE: Pilot Programme

I found this pilot from Gillian Ritch, totally fascinating. I’m guessing the speakers were documented circa 1999/2000? Considering we’re roughly 15 years on from the climate discussed in this clip, concerning the difficulties faced by females working in television, I’d be so curious to know how these professionals view the landscape for female presenters and reporters in British TV today. Here, Edith Bowman tentatively suggests, “it’s becoming less about looks.” I suspect we’ve not moved on quite as far as she might have hoped.

Marcus Pickering: Pickering’s Gin

Because I really like gin, and I have sampled this heavenly variety, and I think it’s completely charismatic that Summerhall – the energetic, constantly evolving establishment – has it’s own Edinburgh distillery.

This is the fourth part of an ongoing series selecting films from SummerhallTV’s archive. Take a look at the first installment by Dave Rushton, the second by Bill Millett and the third by Alex Hetherington. For a chance to curate your very own SummerhallTV film selection, please email Central Station on

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