SummerhallTV is an arts channel dedicated to capturing and sharing artistically wonderful happenings. For the past year their channel, Art in Scotland TV has been dotting about Scotland to cover various art news and events. With such a vast archive of videos, we decided to ask creative individuals to filter these and share their favourites. Below are visual artist Laura Yuile’s selections.

Laura Yuile

Laura Yuile is an artist from Glasgow. She works with video, sculpture and performative installation to explore the boundaries between public and private space, the fetishisation of transcience, and notions of displacement, transition and transformation in relation to time, place and the invisible infrastructures that shape our existence. She is currently based in London, participating as an associate artist at Open School East, where she is developing a project centering around the issues raised by recent property developments within London, and how their role as speculative architecture reshapes urban space and propels global flows of capital – and the tension between these redevelopments and actual lived experience. Laura gained a BA from The Glasgow School of Art in 2008 and recent exhibitions have included Welcome to Ecumenopolis, The Arts Foundation, Athens; Time Pieces, Caustic Costal, Manchester; Conversation of Monuments, Collective Edinburgh; Same Homepage, The Project Room, Glasgow; and Processing Progress, Mauve, Vienna. Laura has participated in international residency programmes such as IOAM in Beijing, and Temporary Art Platform in Beirut. She frequently organises discursive events and throughout 2012 facilitated a series of discursive events to take place in the showrooms of various IKEA stores. You can see some of Laura’s work here.

My Top Five

Art in Scotland: China Miéville

I was introduced to China Miéville’s work last year and have become particularly interested in it since moving to London this year, because of his sharp accounts of the realities of our time, as experienced from his home of London, as well as his powerful visions of a pre- and post- apocalyptic city.

Liva Dudareva: The Urbanography Series

I met METASITU through a residency in Lebanon last year, which was centered around exploring an industrial site that was located in the middle of a pine forest, and which was needing relocated due to the effect it was having on the surrounding environment. Calling themselves both artists and an urban consultancy, Liva Dudareva and Eduardo Cassina have an interesting research-based practice that explores the development of urban and rural space, and the structure of global networks.

The Merz Barn Project

The Merz Barn was a farm shed that Kurt Schwitters rented as a studio when he moved to live in Ambleside in the Lake District after the war. I’ve not yet visited them but I’ve heard good things from those who have undertaken short residencies there, and I’m interested in how such a site can maintain itself and offer something relevant and interesting to artists working today.

Flesh & Stone

I spent half of 2014 working with Collective as the Satellite’s programme Critical Discourse Intern. During this time I developed a project, Conversation of Monuments, that materialised as an installation in the form of an ‘inverse’ tourist information, in which I engaged visitors in conversations in order to generate feedback and input to assist with constructing a plan for a new monument for the city. It got me thinking a lot about Scotland’s architecture and heritage, and this video offers perspectives from individuals, on various architectural sites in Scotland, which are at some times quite amusing.

Cityscape: Social Inclusion

It’s interesting to look back on things like this and think about how discussions on social inclusion and exclusion change over time, and might develop towards the future. These are issues that feature heavily in the discussions at Open School East.

This is the fifth part of an ongoing series selecting films from SummerhallTV’s archive. Take a look at the first installment by Dave Rushton, the second by Bill Millett, the third by Alex Hetherington and the fourth by artist filmmaker Ruth Paxton. For a chance to curate your very own SummerhallTV film selection, please email Central Station on

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